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At TAOMARU, we believe that every person deserves to have a healthier, happier, and longer lifespan. Our mission is to develop and provide all the technologies and tools to help people achieve this goal.  Everyone ever has dreams in his/her life, and these dreams can only be realized when their body and mind are both in healthy status. BY living healthier and longer, people can pursue more dreams in their life, and spend more time with their loved ones.  This is what an ideal life should look like, and this is what TAOMARU can help.



At TAOMARU, we take our customers, our employees, and our company as one big family. We believe that if the company takes care of our employees well, they will take care of our customers well, and then these satisfied customers will come back to take care of our company. TAOMARU is a big family designed for our employees and customers. Through working in TAOMARU, our employees can grow their careers and expand their life horizons. Through consuming products and services from TAOMARU, our customers can regain their body wellness, mental happiness, and life longevity.  

We prefer our employees to be decent, progressive, creative, and responsible. We are a result-oriented company, and we encourage our employees to fully utilize their abilities and creativity at their best to meet or exceed their goals assigned by the company. TAOMARU is an abundant, exuberant organic garden, and we encourage people with an enterprising spirit and creative mindset to join our team.



When people have achieved both body and mental health, the only thing they would like to achieve would be longevity. When your body is strong and your mind is cheerful every day, who doesn’t want to extend such a good life stage to a longer period? Therefore, TAOMARU is dedicated to developing and providing premium nutrition supplements to help people extend their lifespan, so they can have more time being with their loved ones, and have more time to complete their life goals.


Every people ever have their dreams to pursue, but no matter how brilliant these dreams can be, once they lose their body health, these dreams will become unachievable. Only healthy people can live out the dreams they want.

TAOMARU is dedicated to helping people restore their body health by providing premium nutrition supplements to rebalance their body condition back to health status. We like to help people regain their body health and the ability to resume their dreams pursuing. Everyone is ever living for their dreams, therefore, we should help them to achieve this goal. This is a good thing.


Every person has both body and mind. If a person has a healthy body but an ill mind, that is just like a car with great mechanical hardware but with a crapped computer controlling system this car is nothing but a showy scrap that will go nowhere. A healthy mind is a companion of a healthy body, both must exist together. Therefore, TAOMARU is dedicated to developing and providing premium nutrition supplements and other affiliated tools to help people regain their mental health. When people have healthy minds, they will be very happy in their everyday lives. Therefore, happiness is our slogan for achieving people’s mental health.


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